Homo Politicus

Homo Politicus 

Johannes Lepsius is an influential theologian, who acts on behalf of German missionaries. In order to stop the Ottoman “deportation” policy regarding Armenians; he visits Enver Pasha, the most powerful general of Turkey. Halfway through their meeting, the atmosphere changes and a philosophical, intellectual wordy warfare, which sometimes feels like chess and sometimes a boxing match, ensues.

Homo Politicus is the first fiction film produced in Turkey about the Armenian Genocide. By focusing on the destroying nature of politics through the tense dialogues of two powerful men–one a militarist and the other a humanist, a soldier and a theologian, one from the East and the other from the West– Homo Politicus displays that humanism against nationality and morals against politics are quite naive and desperate .” – Hacı Orman

Production: Praksis Film, 2015, Turkey

Producer: Songül Özbakır


Director – Screenplay: Hacı Orman

Cast: Peter Van Strombeck (Johannes Lepsius), Mehmet Yılmaz (Enver Pasha)

Director of Fotography: Deniz Eyüboğlu Aydın

Editors: Sedat Yılmaz, İnci Ünal

Sound Designer: Emrah Aydın

Language: German

Translation: Recai Hallac, Linda Say