Nihat (32) is an intellectual political radical who lives in Istanbul with his partner and young daughter. Because of his father’s opposition to the regime, Sarı (26) fled Bulgaria and took refuge in Turkey, where he is now a police spy and late joiner of Nihat’s circle. One sunny winter’s day, Nihat is abducted on his way to a clandestine meeting and taken to an undercover interrogation center. His interrogators believe that Nihat has valuable information on the organization’s illegal activities. When he adamantly denies these claims, Nihat is confronted with Sarı.

The moment Nihat and Sarı come face to face, the direction of the interrogation changes. Questions are mixed up with more questions, answers with more answers and secrets with more secrets. The duel of words between the two suddenly estranged and hostile old friends becomes a political-philosophical tug-of-war, before lapsing increasingly into a battle of personalities. It becomes unclear who is interrogating whom. At a critical stage of the interrogation, Sarı begins to suspect that his father actually has the information wanted from Nihat and he loses control.

In this obscure and sinister world, where speaking is a need and keeping silent an art, even the past has changed and been replaced by a new version. While Nihat heads silently and deeply towards his death, Sarı encounters traces of his own fate in Nihat’s demise.

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